Dancing in the rain

On Sunday the 8th of April in 2018 I had to stand up early because we Wanted to visit the StGeorge’s Market. We saw a lot Northern Ireland stuff like food and diffrent teas. After visiting the St. George´s Market we went to the City centre and saw a „Monster Energy“ Truck. We got a free energy drink from Monster. But the drink tasted like chemistry.









After our drink we went back at home. When we arrived at home we had a big suprise, because our new room mates from poland arrived. Until now they are realy friendly. In the evening I cooked

dinner only for me and Phi because Dominik dislikes mushrooms. After my

dinner i went to bed because I had to stand up at the next day very early for the work.





On Monday the 9th of April in 2018 I standed up

at 7am. This Monday was very strange because we had our new room mates and they blocked the toilet and I was not used to it from the another days before. So I ate first my breakfast and after my breakfast i went to toilet. On my work I wrote my own website because I had to wait for the yes from my supervisor for the changes on the Datactics Website.So feel free to check my new website. http://clydiee.invicta-chain.net/

After my work I went back at home and talked a bit with Dominik and Phi about what we could eat for dinner. We chose Asian food. So we went to the „Gaze“ this food there tastes realy good.


On Tuesday the 10th of April in 2018 on this I got the yes from my supervisor for the changes on the company website. Now I will do tests on a virtual machine for „WordPress“. After my work I went home. Dominik and Phi gone to the quiz night but I stay at home because I was to tired. In this time I talked with our room mates from Poland and ate a pizza pepperoni. After my dinner I went to bed and phoned with my boyfriend.