The Preacher Escape room

Day 14 14.04.2018 Saturday


At the morning me and Giang visited the botanic garden. In the botanic garden you can go into a house with a lot of different plants. The garden is very clean. Visitors with dogs have to clean up after them. The place has also a large green area to chill at. If you ever live near to the Queen’s University area then you should visit it if you want to do some sports. It’s really good for some jogging or to get a bit of fresh air at a very quiet place. But it closes at sunset so make sure to get there early enough.

At the noon we visited Domenik again to prepare some food for his birthday meal. On Friday we didn’t have the time for that because we all worked till 5-6 pm.

We visited an escape room named “the Preacher”. There you will get locked into a room and have to solve puzzles to get out of it. The puzzles were good and difficult and the setting of the room was very scary. You start the escape room with your hands locked in handcuffs and without any vision, because they cover your eyes so you couldn’t see anything.

They split up our whole group and brought us into different areas of the room. 2 were locked at the door, 2 (me and Phi) got locked to the ground and Tim was alone in his corner.

Afterwards they locked the room and started to play background sounds like screaming and  very loud noises. Even when we were able to remove our eye cover, there was no light in the room and everything was dark. So we had to find a flashlight to light up the room. I won’t say anything else about the room because I don’t want to spoil it for you, in case you want to try it.

After the escape room we went to “Cuckoo Belfast” an “Arcade bar and night club”. First we had to play rock, paper, scissors against the staff. The result (if you lose or win) determines rather you can enter the bar for free or for 3 pounds. When you enter the bar you get a voucher so you can play against a barkeeper to get a free shot ( but you must order one first before you can play against him). It was very funny to do that. Although I’ve lost my entry game I could still win my free shot. In this bar you can drink your beer while having a seat or take it with you to the dancefloor. You could also play some video games. Most of them cost like 1 pound per round but there were also some consoles you can play for free. For example a console where you can play mortal kombat against each other.

We had  some delicious guiness and played a lot of games. I would say that this whole day was a success. Especially the Escape game was brilliant. I can only recommend it.


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