Giant causeway tour

Today, the Giant causeway tour, organized by Interneurope, took place. That’s why it was time to get up early because we had to be at the bus at 9:30 am. Our tour took us along the coast of Northern Ireland, making a quick stop at the King William III Monument and then driving through seven out of nine „Glens of Antrim“ (These are small villages located on the eastern coast of Northern Ireland). After we stopped for a snack, we arrived at the main attraction: „The Giant Causeway“. There we climb the hills and mountains, enjoying the landscape. Together with Son, I also went on the unofficial way to get the perfect view.

The last stop was at the „Dark Hedges“. This is a well-known location from Game of Thrones, but since I have not watched Game of Thrones yet, this has been rather uninteresting to me.

After we got back at 8pm, we walked around for an eternity to find something to eat. Since we were traveling all day, I fell in the evening tired to bed and slept until the next morning.