Natural History Museum of Belfast and Afternoon Tea

Today is Sunday and the weather is good. What could be better than going to a museum? Honestly, certainly, but I Am looking forward. On time at 8:30 am we met at the Ulster Museum, which is placed in the Botanical Garden. From the outside, the building looked relatively old, but it was modern inside designed.

It was divided into three different zones: History, Nature and Art. Since there was a lot to see, we stayed there for several hours. I think this was one of the best museums I have ever been to. The most exciting thing I found was the „Elements“ department, because a lot of physical and chemical knowledge was taught there. It was even the famous „Game of Thrones carpet“ issued, which is currently about 80 meters long and tells the story of „Game of Thrones“.

After we got out of the museum, we went over to the next day point: „The Afternoon Tea“.

So we went to the „Patisserie Valerie“. Once there we ordered the Afternoon Tea Menu. This consisted of a three-piece set composed of sandwiches, small breads with jam and last but not least a small selection of cakes and of course there was tea.

In the evening we ran around a bit in the city and ate together self made pepper chicken.