Titanic Belfast and more!

My family and I had planned a lot of activities.
We started at the Titanic Belfast which is a museum that exhibits the history of the industry in Belfast and of course the history of the Titanic and her sister ships.

It is a huge and detailed museum with a lot of information, exhibits, videos and photos. It is also an interesting architectural building.

The Titanic Belfast
A 3D projection of the sunken titanic

Afterwards we visited the SS Nomadic and explored the Titanic Quarter. Luckily the weather was fantastic.

We continued sightseeing through Belfast and saw the „Big Fish“, the „Albert Memorial Clock Tower“ and saw the „Grand Opera“

The Grand Opera House
The Albert Memorial Clock Tower

Finally we had tasty dinner, took a look at the very famous pub called Crone and had a drink at the Parlour.
The evening ended early at around 8pm because we all were tired. but nevertheless it was a wonderful day and I really like this city.