Giang´s good night story.

Finally it is Saturday the 21th of April in 2018 on this day we had our Trip to the Giants Causeway I was so excited for the trip. But I sould explain the title because Giang told me that she reads our posts and so I sayed to her that I will call my title for this trip „Giang´s good night story“. Ok now I will start to write about our great trip. I had to stand up at 7am o´clock because I did our summer rolls for the lunch. I cooked rice noodles, egg and cut the vegetables. After I finished the summer rolls I had to get dressed me. at 9am we gone to the „Intern Europea“ office because we had to met us at 9.30am. After the counting from all persons we gone together to the Bus.

Finally in the bus we had to pay the trip. And some people payed for going about the bridge. After the paying we started to our first stop „Carrickfergus Castle“.

We drove along the whole coast, the view was so nice.


To the lunch time we had a stop at a diner but it was so expensive there. But we had our lunch by our self. After the lunch we drove finally to the Giants Causeway.

From this point we had to walk a bit to the Giants Causeway but this was no problem for us because we was happy to see the Giants Causeway.

But before we gone to the Giants Causeway we climbed up to a small mountain but we didn´t knew thats is forbidden. From the mountain we saw the Giants Causeway and we was confused because this was so small.

After the mountain we went together to the Giants Causeway. I loved the sound of the waves and the odor of the ocean. And the stones looks so beautiful I can´t belive that this is naturally. We did a lot pictures.

After this great impression we went back to the bus, but we had to wait because a another group was to late. As the group arrived at the bus we started to the Bridge Giang and me payed for this expirience.


After the bridge we drove to a movie set by Game of thrones but this was only a long street with fantasy trees.

After this we drove back to the Bus station. We all was really tired. As we arrived we gone together to a diner for our dinner. I had a „Jumbo Hot Dog“. After this we gone together to Domonik, Phi and me but suddenly we had a visiter in our house I call our visiter „Kitty“.

After Kittys milk and meal she gones at home.

This great day was to short and what is left to us is the memory.


Giang, I wish you a good night and sweet dreams.

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