Meeting with our english teacher

The days go by so fast. Almost 4 weeks have passed and it feels like I’ve only been here for 2 weeks. At work, this week was scheduled to start with my project, but unfortunately there was something in between. I had to keep working on the same website because it’s not quite finished yet.

After I redesigned all the pages, I was at the Iceland superstore in our area and bought something to eat for my lunch break. While I had lunch, a customer came to us, because of a meeting with Keith. It was the customer of the website I was currently working on. In the meeting they discussed about the design of the website and things that could be improved. After the meeting with the customer was over, Keith told me that I needed to redesign some small details of all pages, because the customer could not decide about the design. A few hours later I was done with the task and went home exhausted.

At home I rested for about 2 hours and then had to go with Dominik already, because we still have a meeting with Mr. Schlenger, our English teacher from the OSZ IMT. The meeting was in a sports bar where we met Mr. Schlenger and the others. We talked about our stay and work here in Belfast and what we have already experienced in Northern Ireland. The main theme of the conversation was about our accommodations. After about one hour Mr. Schlenger went back to his hotel. The atmosphere in the bar was okay and the music was not quite my liking, but Son, Jenny, Dominik and I played billiards there before we all went home and it was really fun.