Playing some pool at Laverys | Meeting with my english teacher

Day 27 27.04.2018 Friday


On Friday my department manager took me to Agnew Van Centre / Agnew Volkswagen to configure the router for the cctv problem. If you don’t know what CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is: CCTV is the term used when cameras are used to capture images. These images are relayed back to a CCTV control room where they are monitored and recorded. This is normal in Northern Ireland because you find them everywhere so every company has to install them (for what I know). Therefore we had to make sure that the CCTV was working properly. We checked the port forwarding, the nat translation, and the routers.

At lunch, we ate at Agnew Audi because our office was to far away to eat at our canteen. After our lunch, we visited the Agnew Porsche site. It’s kinda funny to visit all sites again. At Porsche we had some issues with the network which we wanted to analyze. Interestingly it took us a bit more than an hour to get to the sites in the morning, while getting back to the office only took 25 minutes because there was no traffic jam. On the road, my manager told me some stories about Belfast. I’ve asked him a lot about his professional career, holidays and things I should visit in Ireland.

In the evening my schoolmates and I met my English / old headteacher in “laverys” to share some of our experiences with him. After he went home Domenik, Phi, Jenny and I stayed to play some pool. It was a very funny evening. If you’re ever going to be near to “laverys” you should try to play some pool there.