Giraffe, Meerkats & Co, we are going to the zoo

Since we had sunny weather today, we decided to go to the Belfast Zoo. However, because the zoo is located just outside the city, we decided to take the bus.

After good 30 minutes by bus, we had to climb a hill and then we could already see the first animals. With its secluded location on the slopes of Cavehill, the zoo has been incredibly reassuring. Also, not many people seemed to be there today, which made it even more enjoyable. When we had seen everything after a few hours, we bought a few souvenirs and pictures. Then we took the bus back to the city.

For the evening we went together with Giang and Son in the gaze restaurante. We talked about the possibility that Giang and Son moving to our accomodation, since we still have space in our rooms.

Late in the night, we put our thoughts into action and wrote a message to Interneurope asking that Giang and Son move in with us. Already the next day we received a positive answer. From now on we all live together in a small „Afib-shared flat“.

Zoo Belfast