Two pubs in one day

At Thursday the 26th of April in 2018 I had to fix the problem from the day before. So I had to rebuild the website on my own webserver. But for the first I had to install „wordpress“ on my server. After the installation on my webserver I started to rebuild the website about „WordPress“. After my work, i ate for dinner „Maccaroni and Chesse“ it was the same ready meal like Monday. But i taste so good.



At Friday the 27th of April in 2018 I went to the work like every day and designed the website. In my lunch break I went shortly home because I forgot something. After my break I continued my work. After my work I went with my colleagues from „Datactics“ to a pub „McCough“ it was one of the oldest pubs in Belfast. After this pub I gone to a another pub for our meeting with our english teacher from Germany. We met us in the „Laverys“. I was really heavy to order something, because it was so full in this pub. I ordered something to eat (Chicken Wings). After my meal, Son, Phi, Dominik and me played pool billiard in team. In my team was Dominik and me and we won this match. After the pool match we went together at home.