Lovely Dublin

On saturday we took the bus to Dublin which started at 9 AM in Belfast and arrived at 12 PM.
Then we started exploring Dublin by foot. We had a plan of what we would like to see or visit.

Firstly we visited the Trinity College which is a very nice and large building. Furthermore it has much grasslands.

The Trinity College

We continued our walk and saw the Dublin Castle. For me the Castle was kind of disappointing because it was small, covered with a scaffolding and you had to pay 8€ to go inside.

After Lunch which was a burger, we took at look at the St. Patric’s Cathedral.
It is an impressive and wonderful building.

In the afternoon we left the center of Dublin to see the giant Guinness Storehouse. Regrettably there where so many people waiting to get inside but we took a picture in front of the building.

We had delicious dinner at Nando’s including spicy chicken and fries.
Our bus back to Belfast arrived at 10 PM.

Dublin is a lovely city with modern and also historical buildings.
Sadly it was really overcrowded!

Unfortunately, I can not upload any more pictures because we don’t have enough free space left.