Zoo Belfast

At Sunday the 29th of April in 2018 I slept long at this day because we want to met us at 3.00pm in the front of the zoo. Dominik, Phi and me startet our way to the bus station and from there we drove to the city centre to change there the bus. We was sitting in the seccond bus to drive to the zoo but then was Giang phoned Dominik, because Giang and Son had problems with the bus so we left our bus to met Giang and Son at the City Hall. Then we drove together with Giang and Son to the zoo.


As we arrived the zoo we had climbing to the top of a mountin. It was feeling like the Mount everest. 😀  First we went to the toiletes. The first animal what we saw, was a lemur. But I was very excited to see the gorillasBut the gorillas were not very spectacular because I always thought they were bigger. I liked the meerkats the most. Giang asked us what our favourite animal is. After thinking about it for a moment, I knew it was raccoons. After our visited in the zoo we drove back and ate asian food in the resturant „gaze“. After this Giang and Son was waiting for the bus, but the bus drove with non stop away. And Giang and Son had to walk.