Agent X in belfast city

Day 35 05.05.2018 Saturday


On Saturday a roommate of mine woke up early because it was the “free comic day” where you could get comic samples for free. For her it was definitive worth it because she grabbed a lot of comics as well as a hulk figure which she wasn’t aware of.

Later my roommates and I played ‘Agent X’ by Qeevee GmbH at the city centre with 2 schoolmates. That’s why we met in front of the City Hall. “Agent X” is a GPS based mobile game where one of you is the Agent X and has to hide while the others have to catch him. You can set a time limit as well as determine how often the position of agent X will be displayed to the others.

Our first round took about 11 minutes of playtime, had a 1,5 km radius max range and send updates every 1,5 minutes. It ended very fast because the agent X walked very slow so we were able to reach him very fast.

The second time was harder because the Agent X walked into the Victoria Square which was filled with people. He was able to hide very good in there but he made a mistake: He posted a picture of his position and used an escalator to move. He was sure he would win this round but we surpassed his ego because he used the escalator and couldn’t escape from us. During the third round the app crashed so we thought that the agent X was nearby, while being away at least 15 minutes of footwalk. I would say it is very funny to play this game in a big group and in a town or at a crowded location.

At home we cooked bibimbap which is a korean dish.