Free Comic day and Agent Mr X

At Saturday the 5th of May in 2018, I standed up at 7am. Because I wanted to go the comic shop „ForbiddenWorld“ they had on this day free comic day. The event was starting at 9am but the seller sayed to me, it will be better when I come a bi earlyer. I was at 8.30 am on the comic book shop and the queue was already quite long.

in the front of me
behind me
















My new comics for free


After my comics I went back at home and showed my roomates my new stuff and then we ate breakfast together. We ate porridge with fruits and pancakes. At 1pm we met Robert and Jakob at the city hall for our play „Agent Mr X“. For the first I was with Giang in a team and Phi was our Agent X. We played 3 rounds it was really funny and exhausting. After our play we went at home and ate everything with rice. But it was so tasty.