Training Placement Certificate | Intern Europe

Day 46&47 16.05-17.05.2018 Wednesday & Thursday


On Wednesday I left the office earlier because Intern Europe informed me that I had to
collect my „Training Placement Certificate“. This document confirmed that I did a work
experience in Agnew group. At the office, I had to tidy up the server room and get
rid of the stuff that wasn’t required anymore. I helped Jakob to move his devices because he had so many of them.

For this day Intern Europe had also organized a treasure hunt event which I was not a part of because I was to tired. I heard from schoolmates that they had to walk around for 2 hours: from the city hall to the Titanic Quarter. They had to answer questions about certain attractions in Belfast. At the end, they received a free drink and were in a pub.

On Thursday half of my IT team wasn’t in from morning until lunch because they
had an early meeting. There was no work for me to do because my department manager
didn’t leave me any instructions. I the other available workers for tasks and checked
the ticket system, but there was nothing to do. So I decided to finish some blog entries.