First work, then party

Today I had a great start at work… not. On my way to work, as always, I picked up a snack at the Iceland, which is near my work. After I arrived at work and started my laptop, there was already the first nice surprise.

A Windows update that took a total of 2 hours. Thats why I had to ask my supervisor for a laptop for me to work with. Fortunately, he had one, but there came the second great surprise. It was a Macbook Pro. Even though I had an Apple course, I first had to get familliar with a apple notebook again and the funny thing was that it was an English keyboard. As always, I had to work at the frontend of a website at work.

After work, I took a little nap. At about 8pm Giang, Son, Jenny, Dominik, Tim and I went to the Limelight Nightclub. But we were a little too early because the Limelight Nightclub was not open yet. To pass the time, we went to a bar right next door. After the club was open, we went straight in. It was still pretty empty in the beginning, but later it got a lot fuller. I had a lot of fun at the club and we danced into the night.