Party All Night And A Sunny Saturday

As I mentioned the post before, at Friday we went to the nightclub „limenight“.
Because of the early closure time we arrived at the club quite early.

The music was good and loud, the bass was deep and we danced the whole night until the “limenight” closed.
It was a really nice evening and I guess we all enjoyed it.

The weather on Saturday was just perfect – sunny and warm. Because we didn’t had breakfast that day we searched for a location to eat something. Giang came up with the idea of eating Fish and Chips. We decided to go to a kind of restaurant called „John Long’s“ which is a family business since 100 years!
The waiting staff was so friendly and polite and our food was pretty good so we gave a nice tip.

Afterwards we met Robert and the others bought (many) souvenirs while I was just relaxing in the sun.

After buying souvenirs we went to Tesco Metro to get the needed ingredients. The motto of our dinner was ‘fingerfood’.


In the evening we really relished this tasty dinner and played some games.
We all were tiered because of the last night so we went to bed quite early.


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