Souvenirs, relaxing and cheesecake

On Saturday the 19th of May in 2018, we all stand really late up. We ate breakfast and went later to a souvenir shop to buy presents for our family and friends. Then we gone to “Tesco Metro” to buy food for our finger food day.


On Sunday the 20th of May in 2018, Giang and Son wasn´t this day at home, because they was by the Game of Thrones tour. So Tim, Dominik, Phi and me left home. We hadn´t lust to do anything. We stayed at home and just playing Age of Empires on our notebooks. Later we bought food for our dinner. This time Tim was cooking. He cooked goulash for us. It was the best goulash which I ate before. Later, Giang, Dominik, Phi and me ate cheesecake and this cheesecake taste so good. And Dominik had a big mouth and said to us he could do a cheesecake which one will taste better then this one. Now he have to bake a cheesecake coming week. We are excited to try his cheesecake.


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