Barbecue & Basketball

Today it was the first time that I did not come to work sweaty. The weather was just perfect and I could walk around in a T-shirt. Since one website was ready for a customer, we were able to concentrate completely on another website. Keith, Graham and I were invited to a barbecue party by another company. The company that invited us works closely on projects with our company. Therefore, in our lunch break Keith drove us to them and we had a lot of fun there. The people were all very nice and there was a lot to eat. I finally had a real burger and it was really delicious. Unfortunately, I made my jacket dirty while I was eating and I had to wash it later.

As the weather was still very good in the afternoon and the weather is rarely as good as it is today, Giang, Jenny, Dominik, Tim and I went to play basketball in the Ormeau Park.