Spring Continental Market | Last Training session | How to be the strongest version of myself |

Day 52&53 23.05.2018-24.05 Wednesday&Thursday


On Wednesday I had many questions which were not related to the work experience but
had something to do with networking. The reason was that I want to deploy a home
server for myself. Therefore I asked my department manager a lot of things regarding this topic.
For Example: about Port Forwarding, DMZ, security/hardening the server and my OS which
I am going to use (Linux)

Afterward I had to erase the old configurations and apply the new configurations of the dismantling network device which I brought with me yesterday. Another task which was to create a network sensor to a switch, to monitor if the switch was still functional. The last thing I had to do was to change the access points IP addresses from a branch (which did not work that well ).
In the afternoon I went to Niall again for a workout. Like the previous times we’ve met at 6 p.m. at the Europa hotel rail station. We started our workout with some mobility exercises for the whole body. Afterwards he showed me how to floss the joints to make them more operational for a short period of time. This workout was mainly focussed on the upper body.

That’s why we did bench press 4×3 80kg, floor (bench)press 4×6 60 kg, body weight dips and isometric deadlift/
squats. The isometric exercises showed me that you can have a really good workout without using any weights. I also realised how unmobile and weak I am compared to Niall. The good
thing about him coaching me was definitely that I’ve discovered my weak points on which I
have to focus once I’m back in Germany. The training and psychology / mental tips
which he gave me, will definitely help me to become the strongest version of myself.
This means that I’ll have to train my core, cure my problems which I’ve got from too much
sitting (tight hip joints+weak back) as well as breathing exercises to perform better on the
main lifts. I stayed at his place for the night because it was very late after the workout.
Thursday morning I had to get up early because I had to catch a train back to Adelaide to get to work.
At work, I had nothing special to do since I had to prepare my presentation for
Friday. the only thing I did was to troubleshoot a DHCP problem and to
troubleshoot some AP which didn’t get an IP address.
This day was a very short day because I had to go at midday to Intern Europe to give
them my documents (which was signed by my supervisor) in order to receive my Europass. This document is an official certificate telling that I’ve successfully accomplished a work experience in Northern Ireland.
After the intern Europe meeting, we headed to Brooklyn SQ. (a restaurant). The meal
was very good and the price was okay. The lovely burger I’ve bought was very tasty and
it reminded me of some beautiful moments in my life.
Afterward we went to the city hall to visit the „spring continental market“
the event, where you can buy a lot of things and eat many different types of food from different cultures. It reminded me a little bit of Germany because they had a German barbeque
„Schwenkgrill“. The price for a Bratwurst was very high.

There are also a lot of other things you can discover. You can also enjoy the „open area pubs“ where you can have a drink. I think this is kind of unusual for Belfast because normally
you are not allowed to drink any alcohol in the public areas. In Germany, there is no such rule and it is very common to drink a beer while heading somewhere.