„Sports do not build character. They reveal it.“

(quote from John Wooden)

22nd of May in 2018:

At work, I continued the task, which needs to be finished. In the afternoon Jenny and I tried to send our parcels to Germany. First we decided to use Hermes, but unfortunately, we didn’t have a label from Hermes because we thought it is a Hermes shop, where the labels will be printed out. However, the shop owner apologised, and we had to left the shop. My parcel was quite heavy however we had to walk home again. It was frustrating. The next post office told us to go to a bigger shop, where they could offer us a better price. The last try, we took the bus to the Botanic Garden, was at the post office across from the Botanic Garden. I got another problem at this post office. Because my parcel contained too many cans of Guinness (all in all there were eight of them), I couldn’t send it away to Germany. The staff members told me to take the cans out, but they didn’t give me a scissor. I was a little bit mad about it. At least, Jenny could send her away. We took a taxi at home and Robert visited us, he made Pina Colada for us. We enjoyed the evening by listening to music and talking.

23rd of May in 2018:

I set up new thin clients because one pc of my colleague was broking entirely. Otherwise, I continued the contact database of my company.
Recently we have great sunny, warm weather we decided to play basketball in the Ormeau Park. I met with Tim, Jenny, Dome and Phi and we walked deeper into the park until we reached the playing field. The game of this day was 21. Our first champion was Tim, and afterwards, it was Dome. I alleged that they only won because of their body height. *cough cough* Comparing to Jenny, Phi and I both of them are giants.
It was fun because to get exercise that much after a long time.

For dinner, we had Spaghetti Bolognese, which was cooked by Jenny. I noticed after Jenny has told me, that Dome has a funny way to eat his pasta. It was amusing to see how Dome has his pasta 😀 And then Tim and I destroyed his dish by putting sauce on his pasta.

24nd of May in 2018:

Today was a busy day at work. Every colleague came to our office for a training session. Each colleague gave me his laptop to configure the new connection to our new server. I also had to set up some thin clients for other staff members and tested the accounts once again. Jonny, the IT Senior Professional from newCMI, visited us and solved some issues, which occurred during my testing phase. He explained to me that in Northern Ireland you get a control panel from your ISP to do configurations and changes of your Firewall by yourself. The moving to the new server farm will be on the first of June. It’s I won’t be here anymore to see the results.
Since the first working day, I saw that our office is quite warm and sometimes it is very tiring. I asked a colleague of mine, but she said we couldn’t change it.

I had to left work early because of the final meeting with InternEurope. We had to fill in an assessment document about our work experience in general, about our accommodation and our company in Belfast.
Son asked a staff member of InternEurope which of the two accommodations he had to evaluate. And because of the first, which was very worst, we had to move. The staff from InternEurope told Son only to evaluate the second one, which of course was much better. After I heard that, I was very upset about it how they dealt with this problem by minimising it and trying to forget about it instead of facing it and made changes. But I evaluate both accommodations and write my honest opinion about the first accommodation. I don’t know why but I wasn’t satisfied with InternEurope. I hope in the future they will improve …
Then they explained to us how to left the key from our house and when the transfer to the Europa Bus centre station will arrive.
For dinner, we went to an American restaurant ‚Brookly Sq‘. My meal was ok, but I was somewhat upset about the final meeting. The others tried to cheer me up.
Next, we went to the Spring Continental Market. It was a food market with a lot of food booths. But later I will explain it in another entry. I only had a cookie because I was full because of dinner.I want to try more dishes and have to come back again. 😀

-Huong Giang-