Enjoying Our Last Days

There are only a few days left in Belfast.
Fortunately we’re having the best weather – you eben can call it summer.

On Saturday we went to the Spring Continental Market directly at the City Hall. There we had some really tasty food and a fresh smoothie.
Afterwards we bought the food for our barbecue. Of course this dinner was also delicious.

Later in the evening I walked back home where Jacob picked me up at around 11pm.
Together with Steven and Dennis we went to my favorite pub the „Cuckoo“.

We danced and had a lot of fun this night.

My Sunday started like the Saturday because we met at the Market.
There are so many opportunities to get some good food – so we need to try everything!

Beside the Market we didn’t had much activities planned so it was a relaxed day.
In the evening I finished my day off sitting in the Botanic Garden while watching the sun going down.