Home sweet Home

On the last day in Belfast I was invited by my company to dinner and we ate at the grill restaurant Bubbacue. Fortunately, the restaurant was near the Bradbury Square because I wanted to get a teapot for a friend there.

The bags are packed and the departure approached. All my things were packed and my room cleaned up. Except for 8 pounds for the bus, I spent my entire pounds. Our flight to Berlin was at 6:50 am and we had to leave our accommodation at 3:50 am. I was really excited and I didn’t sleep the whole night. At 3:50 am the taxi arrived, which took us to the Europa Buscentre. From there we took the first bus towards Belfast International Airport at 4:20 am. Luckily I saved my 8 pounds for the ticket because you could not pay with card. Arrived at the airport, we have taken a few last photos and then went to the check-in. Everything went smooth and I slept the whole flight.

Finally arrived in Berlin the heat wave hitted me like a train. I was picked up by my father and said goodbye to the others. When I arrived home, I unpacked my suitcase and unfortunately I had to realize that the teapot I brought for a friend was broken. The glass inside the teapot was broken and it is far too dangerous to use the pot for tea. My cousin visited me and we talked about many things. A few hours later, I went to sleep, because I was really exhausted.