Brazil in Dialogue „Magazine“

The „Magazin“ section collects papers that are published in conjunction to the research group and from others scholars willing to publish their papers on this research plattform. Thanks to all contributors!

Bachmann, Pauline: „La negociación de identidades nacionales/culturales: representaciones del Caribe en las novelas Limón Blues (Costa Rica), Calypso (Costa Rica), Columpio al aire (Nicaragua)“, in: François Aubès und Florence Olivier (Hg.): Transamériques. Les échanges culturels continentaux., Paris, 2010, S. 259-266.

Bachmann, Pauline: „Representaciones del Caribe y la circulación literaria“, in: Revista Istmica, Facultad de Letras de la Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, No. 12, 2008/2009,

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Neubauer, Susanne: “Political Entanglements of Brazilian Modernism and its Reception in Postwar Germany: The ‘Exhibition of Brazilian Artists’ at Haus der Kunst Munich in 1959,” Postwar, ed. Okwui Enwezor, Ulrich Wilmes (in press).

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