Our Blog is on the Website of Seikei University!

In May, our students interviewed students from Seikei University about their food habits. This was not only a valuable exercise in conducting interviews but also a valuable intercultural experience and an opportunity to connect with students from Japan.

We would like to thank Professor Kawamura and her students from Seikei University.
Furthermore, we would like to thank Seikei University for promoting our Blog through their websites and Facebook pages.

ある日の授業 (class activities of Department of Cross-Cultural Studies, Faculty of Humanities): https://www.seikei.ac.jp/university/bungaku/department/international/lesson.html

News&Topics (top page): https://www.seikei.ac.jp/university/news_topics/2022/12894.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seikei.gakuen/posts/pfbid0MnYLSRF

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