New Book: Prosodic detail in Neapolitan Italian by Francesco Cangemi


The first book in the series Studies in Laboratory Phonology has been published.

About the book

Recent findings on phonetic detail have been taken as supporting exemplar-based approaches to prosody. Through four experiments on both production and perception of both melodic and temporal detail in Neapolitan Italian, we show that prosodic detail is not incompatible with abstractionist approaches either. Specifically, we suggest that the exploration of prosodic detail leads to a refined understanding of the relationships between the richly specified and continuous varying phonetic information on one side, and coarse phonologically structured contrasts on the other, thus offering insights on how pragmatic information is conveyed by prosody.

You can find the full text as a free pdf, or you can buy a printed copy at BoD or CreateSpace.

Francesco Cangemi

Francesco Cangemi (1983) studied Literature and Philology in Naples and Zurich, completing his undergraduate studies with a dissertation on vowel systems in southern Italian dialects. After receiving his PhD in Linguistics from Aix-Marseille University with a thesis on underspecification in prosodic categories, he is currently working as a post-doc researcher in Cologne, focussing on the encoding and decoding of linguistic prominence.

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