Surayt Summer School (Freie Universität Berlin, 21-25 September 2015) was organized in cooperation with Kano Suryoyo e.V. and 28 students attended and received their certificates. Read more

Informative seminars in different cities in Germany:

  • Gütersloh, Bietegheim, Paderborn, Göppingen
  • Two Weihnacht Events in Berlin. Read more
    Our project team members conducted diverse dissemination activities in Sweden in two different time periods. The first one aimed to establish contacts and broaden the network among the speaker communities. The second one was specifically planned to provide training to mother tongue teachers through a training workshop organized in cooperation with Sodertalje Municipality. The third dissemination activity is scheduled to be organized in Gothenburg (19 March 2017).

    Meeting at Södertalje Kommun (3 March 2016):
    The meeting took place at Sodertalje Municipality where a large number of Surayt speaking people have been settled, and hosted by the Chairman of the Municipality Assembly, Mr. Besim Aho. We had the opportunity to present our project and express our expectations from the Municipality and related units of the Municipality. Besides Mr. Aho, Elof Hansjons (Councillor), Göta Sandin (Head of the Mother Tongue Education Unit) and three active Surayt mother tongue teachers were also present at the meeting.

    Meeting at ABF (3 March 2016):
    The meeting was hosted by Mr. Adnan Can (Head of the Intercultural Unit at ABF). There were 23 participants who are active in the field of Surayt or willing to contribute to the revitalisation of their endangered language. The meeting was held in Surayt.

    Surayt Training Day (31 October 2016, Södertälje):
    Erasmus+ Aramaic-Online Project in cooperation with Södertälje Municipality’s Mother Tongue Education Unit organized a training day specifically tailored for addressing the needs of mother tongue teachers. In total 23 teachers (of Surayt/Syriac) from different cities of Sweden attended to this event.


  • „Verfolgt und Vertrieben: Christen im Vorderen Orient 1915–2015“ (university of Heidelberg, 07-08 November 2015)
  • XII Symposium Syriacum and the X Congress for Arab-Christian studies (Rome, 19-24 August 2016)
  • Vortrag Symposium 3000 Jahre Aramäisch, University of Heidelberg (22 October 2016)
    The project is disseminated among the speaker communities in different cities (Enschede, Hengelo, Amsterdam), mainly at the monastery. A dissemination event is scheduled for late April together with the youth organization of the Syriac Orthodox Church in the Netherlands.
    The project team organized two informative seminars about the project in Vienna. The first one took place on 26 November in the hall of Mor Ephrem Syriac Orthodox Church and more than 200 people attended to this event. The second seminar was organized at St Petrus and Paulus Syriac Orthodox Church on 27 November; presentations made to an audience of approx. 300 people and more than 500 flyers were distributed in both events.

  • University of Bergen (25-27.09.2014)
  • University of Cambridge (29.08.2015)
  • St Ephrem Monastery, Netherlands (02.04.2016)
  • Freie Universität Berlin (05.11.2016)
  • Freie Universität Berlin (scheduled for May-June 2017)