The AOP project will start providing weekly virtual classes in Surayt for those who have finished the first 12 chapters of our online course or have an intermediary level, but would like to improve their language, writing and grammar.

The virtual classes will be provided 2 hours per week during the summer term, starting from mid-April to mid July 2017. The weekly classes will be chaired by Prof Shabo Talay and his team at the Freie Universität Berlin. The operational language will be Surayt, but if needed this will be supported by English and German. The learners should be able to communicate and understand basic Surayt in order to enroll. Depending on the interest and the level of the learners, we may be able to offer more than one class.

During the classes, registered learners will have the opportunity to interact directly with the teachers, ask/discuss their questions. Moreover, we will read/write and analyze texts in Surayt and enrich the lessons with different exercises and discussions.

If you are interested please register yourself by filling in the online form below. Latest enrollment date will be 31 March.

Register here!

Surayt Training Workshop for Language Teachers

Date: 24-28 August 2016

Venue: St. Jakob of Sarug Monastery in Warburg, Germany

Within the framework of Erasmus+ Aramaic Online Project, Surayt Training Workshop took place at St Jakob of Sarug Monastery in Warburg, Germany (24-28 August 2016). In total thirty participants attended the workshop from Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey and the UK. The participants consisted of language teachers, teachers-to-be, students and graduates of Semitic studies, singers and authors of the language.

Read the workshop report.

International Conference on Surayt Aramaic (Turoyo)

27-30 August 2015
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, UK

Conference Poster

The Aramaic-Online Project (AOP) research team organised a two-day international conference on Surayt Aramaic (Turoyo, hereafter Surayt), which took place 27-30 August 2015 at the University of Cambridge, UK.
The conference was organized within the framework of the EU-funded ‘Aramaic-Online Project’ (AOP), which aims to develop an online course, new language learning materials in Surayt and to standardise the writing by developing new orthography both in Syriac and Latin letters.

Besides the aim to discuss the needs of Surayt in contemporary societies and how to revitalize this language, the conference aimed to establish an international network among scholars and experts.

Please see the conference programme and the conference poster.