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Programa Hélio Oiticia, Itaucultural

Brazil in Dialogue Conference 2015 on netvibes:

Call me Helium Project by Andreas Valentin, Thomas Valentin, Hélio Oiticica

The University of the Arts London Research Centre for Transnational Art, Identity and Nation

The University of the Arts Research Centre for Transnational Art, Identity and Nation is a forum for historical, theoretical and practice-based research in architecture, art, communication, craft and design.
In an increasingly complex period of globalisation, established certainties about the nature of culture, tradition and authenticity are being constantly questioned. The movement of peoples and artefacts is breaking down borders and producing new identities outside and beyond those of the nation state. It is no longer easy to define the nature of the local and the international, and many cultural interactions now operate on the level of the transnational.

Fórum Permanente

Fórum Permanente is a platform for the generation of content and documentation specialised in analysing and discussing the relationship between Contemporary Art and its spaces of social reception, as well as its innovation trends and historical deadlocks. By following events and exhibitions it focuses on the circulation of art through cultural apparatus and urban environments. Therefore, Fórum Permanente’s main goal is to strengthen the “development of the public” and to facilitate access to the important concepts which have risen throughout art’s history up to the present, fostering a dialogue with all those who have access to this medium: both the general public and specialists.

Centro Mario Schenberg de Documentação da Pesquisa em Artes – ECA/USP, São Paulo

Sistematiza os textos e a documentação dos Seminários Schenberg. Realiza pesquisa sobre a história da vida do Prof. Mario Schenberg, proporcionando assim um contato maior com o pensamento e as ideias de Schenberg aos cientistas, pesquisadores e instituições nacionais e internacionais. Em 2000, foi inaugurada uma nova vertente, DIÁLOGOS, contendo seleção de críticas de arte do próprio Mario Schenberg.

Goethe Institute ¦ Episodes of the South

Goethe-Institut project will include debates, research, exchange programs and artistic and academic works using new points of view and ways of thinking about Germany, Europe and the world.