Language Science Press is an imprint that grew out of the Open Access initiative OALI, which is coordinated by Stefan Müller (and other linguists at FU Berlin) and Martin Haspelmath. It started in August 2012 and quickly found many prominent supporters (more than 100 by now). Please refer to motivation to learn more about the serious problems that we see with the traditional practice of book publication in our field. An extended version of this document including detailed numbers and case studies can be found in Müller, 2012.

Our proposed solution is open-access publication in which the (freely available) electronic book is the primary entity. Printed copies are available through print-on-demand services. We are planning to set up a publication unit at the FU Berlin, coordinated by Stefan Müller and Martin Haspelmath, that publishes high-quality book-length work from any subfield of linguistics.

You can help by registering as a public supporter (625), reader (312), author (60), reviewer (296), proofreader (165) or typesetter (40) (October 2016).

If you want to stay informed about developments and/or help develop software, please subscribe to our mailing lists. The mailing lists are for announcements only, but general discussion is possible in Frank Richter’s Free Science Blog.

Thanks for joining us. Let’s change the world!

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