Back again at home and at work

Hello everyone!

I am so glad to be back in Berlin and I am also glad to be at my old workplace again. I really missed the S-Bahn and that constantly waiting for the bus which is always late. Even if I didn’t get my 10€ Döner is stil got one for 5€ and that is kinda the same but also tasted really good. It feels good to have a regulated day again with regulated working times and regulated shoping times.

There is that one song of Peter Fox I had constantly in my mind while we were on our way back to germany and I think I just post it here.

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germany got me back

We flight back on saturday at 7 o’clock and arrived ~11 o’clock in germany. My mom fetched me on the airport and drove me to my apartment. I liked the time in ireland but im happy to be back to my everyday life. I will miss many people there but I still stay in touch with some of the employees there. It was a experience that was definitely worth it. That will be my last entry so I’m saying goodbye.
Greetings Toni Knispel

End of the stay abroad

The last few days weren’t that special. Except that we had to dismiss from Peter. We invited him to Germany and he said if he comes around in Berlin sometime again, he is definitly going to see us. After cleaning up our apartment we went a last time to the pub „The Hatfield House“, and drank some of their own brew which is quite a decent beer and talked to a guy we’ve met there before. He was often around the area because his flat is just a 2 minutes walk away and after playing some pool billiard me and Leo went home. We’ve planned to take the bus at 1 o’clock and we reached it 15 minutes before it has departed. The drive to the airport was nice, since the Translink Goldline busses are very well build for the comfort of the passengers. After going around the Terminals we ended up in the Aer Lingus Line and when we were finished with the luggage, we already saw Martin, René, Nick and Maria. We waited until they had finished and went on to the secruity checks. It took several minutes until we passed them and then we strolled around the even bigger part of the Airport. It was like a big maze, there are so many ways to go and so many shops that you could fill the whole day walking around in the area I think. We had a breakfast and then sat down at the gate waiting for the boarding. The flight itself was quiet, but I had a cold and was really pressure-sensitive at this time so I felt pain while the plane was going up and down. I was happy when we safely landed in Germany. All in all I enjoyed the stay in Belfast and I think that the overall experience was helpful in terms of improving my english and social behaviour in other countries.

Back in Germany

Hello everyone,

now we finished a long trip from Belfast to Germany.
It takes over 8 hours to get back to Germany and I’m very happy.
It was a great time in Belfast. We visited a lot of things in Ireland and I recommend it for everone to visit Ireland maybe not for 2 Month but have a look on it its worth it.
Now I’m happy to see my girlfriend, my family, my dog and i missed the food.
All in all was it a great expierence, I learned how the Irish people work and they life.
Maybe my english knowlegde increased a little bit and we will see what happens when we take the Telc exam.

So that is my last article,I hope you had enjoy by reading the posts.


Its over

As I said in my last post the 8 weeks are over and we’re back in Germany.
After we finished work on Friday Nick and I packed our stuff and fitting everything back into the suitcase was not that easy but in the end we did it!
Afterwards Nick and I started to clean our apartment, he did the dishes I cleaned the oven Martin task was to mop the floor but he wasn’t there yet.
I decided to book a cab for the next morning so we don’t have to walk to the bus that takes us to the Dublin airport.
Our bus left at around 2:30 am on Saturday we arrived at around 5am at the airport. We checked in and ate breakfast and headed to our gate.
We left Dublin with a little delay but arrived on time in Berlin.
After I arrived at home I decided to take a nap and spend the rest of the weekend doing nothing but relaxing.
All I can say now is that this was a great experience and that I can recommend it to everyone.

Home sweet home

Hi there!

We are already back in Germany, so let’s summarize the last 3 days and try to find some final words about our internship in Ireland. Friday was our last working day and believe it or not, I’ve managed to finish all the damn German paperwork on that day. Because my colleage Martijn was still off at Friday I sent him an email with the summary of my last changes at the website. After that I used the lunch break to rush back to our apartment to get my key card, because I’ve left it behind on that day, of all days. Shortly after I was back I was asked to come in the kitchen, where I’ve got some nice farewell gifts from my colleages and good wishes for our flight back and my future studies. I was free to go a bit earlier at Friday for the travel preparations. Back at our apartment René and I packed our bags and cleaned our rooms. Then I’ve washed the dishes, René was in charge of the oven and Martin, who was still not there, wanted to mop the floors. After we were done Martin and I went to bed at 6pm to sleep a few hours, since we ordered a Taxi for 2 o’ckock in the morning to get to the bus station. We arrived at the Dublin airport around 5am, checked in, ate breakfast and waited for our flight. Our Dublin colleages arrived at last, because they were waiting for us in a different area of the airport, so we simply missed them. 😀 The flight was comfortable – I’ve slept the most time. We started with a little delay, but arrived very punctual at Berlin Schoenefeld. Martin’s sister and his girlfriend picked us up at the airport and dropped me in front of my house. Thank you for the ride mate. 😉 I unpacked my bag and went for the first family visits.

So that was our internship in Ireland. I have to thank my Irish colleages for their efforts, it was really nice and everyone was very welcoming, so I can confidently recommend Steria as internship placement.

My Final Fantasy

[EDIT] My special little project is done and you can enjoy it right here.

I want to say thank you to each and everybody responsible for making this experience the enjoyable 8 weeks that it was.

Until we meet again,



So I’ve been working on something special for you guys and I’m going to find a way to share it with you as soon as it is uploaded in the best quality that I can possibly manage. It can only be a couple more hours :S.

So please be patient and wait for the better-quality version here.

If you cannot wait, have a look at this version but be advised that it is really crappy…

Airport Party

Hello everyone!

So people this is it! Just a few more hours to go and then we are sitting in the airplane ready to start and to see our beloved City, Berlin. We are here now for like 12 hours all sitting together and discussing all of our experience we made in our 8 weeks. I would really love to stay some more time but the time is over and my people needs me. I wonder if some things have changed in that time. When you are rigth there you don’t really notice it because you are confronted with it the hole time but when you are gone for some time the changes can be really big and hard to take. I already heard that some new people joined our group and I don’t know them and I can’t say if I even like them but now those people are there. I just hope that I can go back to my normal life really quickly but I don’t think it will be easy.

Friday the last day

Hello everyone,


today it is the last day in Belfast and we have a lot to do now.
We have to clean the whole appartment but it shouldn’t take more then 2 hours and it looks like we never been there.
Today we visited the National Museum of Northern Ireland and Graham was the guide.
I think that was nesseary because we worked there over two month and we had never seen the museum.
And we doesn’t paid for it and the tells us a lot of things about the museum.

After work Maro, me and Tim went a souvenirs shop and i bought some presents for my family.IMG_20140627_122252