Surayt Reader

Surayt Reader is still under progress. We are editing the articles and creating relevant glossary for each article. At the end of this process, we will publish all contributions in a Reader (both available as a printed book and e-book). The articles will be provided both in Syriac and Roman characters thanks to a software which we have developed to enable this conversion very smoothly. Soon we will release this software and make it available as an open source on our website.

The articles are written in diverse topics which aims to promote the use of Surayt in different fields of life.

If you are willing to contribute to the development of this unique language-learning material, please send us your article(s).

The Reader aims to create a diversity of language learning materials on Surayt. Articles can be in any topic, i.e. DNA, going to a dentist, health care, using public transport, technical topics, engineering, nursing, child care, astronomy, social or cultural topics.

We are also interested in literary contributions, such as poetry, short stories, folklore, fables, fairy tale, satire and so forth.

Political topics are also welcome, such as EU’s future, UN and minorities. The only restriction is the content of articles should not target or harm any group, race or religion.

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