OALI Kickoff Meeting

There will be a kickoff meeting at October, 29th, 13:59–16:00 in at the Freie Universität Berlin (Habelschwerdter Allee 45, Room JK 29/124).

We will also set up skype/video conferencing for those who cannot be here in person.

The purpose of this meeting is to introduce and discuss the general ideas and to discuss and decide upon the following questions:

  • Organizational form (Verein, Corporation, …)
  • Attachment to a university (storage, ISBN number, …) or international free floating community effort
  • Who appoints new editors/series managers? Editorial board?
  • Series vs. responsibilities for non-series publications
  • Money (payment for reviews, royalties for authors, fixed costs for design of book covers, web pages)
  • Institutional support (Universities, DFG, ANR, NSF, …)
  • Infrastructure (web servers, software)
  • Publications in languages other than English (German, French, …)

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