LangSci T-shirts available

We added a new item to our catalog: T-shirts with the LangSci logo. You can buy shirts in blue or black.

Our prices are solely based on production costs. We do not make any profit from selling these shirts.

New features on our website

We have updated our website and are happy to announce a couple of new features:

Hall of Fame and Public Profiles

The Hall of Fame now shows links to public profiles of the users. To view the profiles you have to be logged in. The profile shows the institution and website you added  to your profile, as well as the bio statement you provided. Additionally, the public profile shows a person’s achievements supporting Language Science Press as author, proofreader or typesetter. The published monographs a user has worked on are listed here.

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Screencast “How to submit a manuscript”

In order to make the submission of manuscripts easier for authors, we have created a screencast.

You can also find the screencast on our website. More screencasts will follow soon. They will explain the general workflow within Language Science Press; the review process; LaTeX editing; etc. If you have particular wishes or other ideas, let us know in the comments.

Workflow 2.0

How do you publish books with Language Science Press? We have modeled our workflow in more detail. Prose guidelines will follow shortly. In the meantime, have a look at the flowchart. Anything unclear? Use the comment section to ask a question.