Achievements 2017

We started our annual retrospectives in 2015 (2016 here). This is the third installment, for 2017.

Books and series

In 2017, we published 26 books:

99 works were proposed to Language Science Press in 2017, for a total of 324. The curve is now slightly superlinear.


Book proposals over time. The linear fit is based on the interval between 2014-03-01 and 2017-12-31.

The following figure gives a breakdown of the distribution of these works and their states of completion.

The most active series are Studies in Diversity Linguistics (65), Textbooks in Language Sciences (32),  EOTMS (18), and Translation and Multilingual Natural Language Processing (17).

There are currently 20 series (+1). Last year, we accepted Open Slavic Linguistics.

The median time from submission to decision was 96 days. The median time from submission to publication was 244 days.

The acceptance rate (counting desk rejections) is 56.76% over all series. Only considering submissions where the proposal had been previously approved, the acceptance rate is 85.17%.


In 2017, LangSci pdfs have been downloaded 73,867 times (+13,282 compared to 2016) for a total of 174,775. This excludes downloads by search engine robots.
The most popular work is The future of dialects, downloaded 22,804 times, followed by Einführung in die grammatische Beschreibung des Deutschen (both editions) with 19,248 downloads and Grammatical Theory with 14,535 downloads.


The countries where most readers come from are Germany, the US, China, France and the UK.

Visits by countries. This includes visits to our HTML pages next to the pdfs.

Community involvement

Language Science Press is a community enterprise. We rely on the community for authoring and reviewing, but also for typesetting and proofreading. Across all published books, 138 linguists from all over the world have participated in proofreading. The most prolific proofreader is Andreas Hölzl, who has proofread chapters of 22 books.
There are currently 296 proofreaders registered with Language Science Press.

Geographical distribution

For our 20 series, we are happy to be able to rely on 263 (+19) members in editorial boards from 44 (+1) different countries on 6 continents.

Editorial board members 2018.

Knowledge Unlatched

In order to achieve sustainability, we have set up a cooperation with Knowledge Unlatched. We are currently at 93/100 pledges and should reach the mark of 100/100 soon.


We have run all our 26 books from this year through PaperHive for proofreading, and our full back catalog is available on PaperHive as well. The most comments (1291) are found for Empirical modelling of translation and interpreting

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