12376.linguistic meetup 21

draft abstract to linguistic meetup berlin 2021

i am applying to your diesjährige meetup with a presentation of an experiment took place within the framework of an inter- and transdisciplinary research project at the intersection of Philosophy, Medicine / Psychiatry, Psychology, and Linguistics, of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA).

since i am not yet able to present with ausgereifte resultate and the research group split up to perform the evaluation i want to focus on the more research practical difficulties we met during our work discussing technical, communication and publishing issues a young group of students may be confronted with.

you will learn about necessities to foresee and details of the experimental design to have in mind :before: it is being made accesible. small details in the design can have great impact on how easy or not you will be able to evaluate the data.

please find an appendix of the experiment in this columns. i would be glad to participating this years meetup to speak about research process in a more common approach. thank you for your attendance, grüsze, st. schwarz, fu berlin.

poster in progress.

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