Final Days in Wrocław

On Thursday we had an interesting meeting with a representative from Oakfusion. They gave us insights into the IT world, talked about different employment opportunities and what it’s like to work in tech. It was incredibly informative and got many of us thinking seriously about our future career paths in tech. This day was also a little emotional as it was our last English lesson. Over the course of these lessons, we not only improved our language skills, but also made close friends. It was hard to say goodbye to this part of our trip.

Friday was a day full of emotions and preparations for our departure. In the morning we picked up flowers, which we carefully selected as a token of our gratitude to the SEMPER AVANTI team. This team had been with us every step of the way and made our trip unforgettable and smooth. It was hard to say goodbye… Later that day, we visited the University of Science and Technology in Wrocław. It gave us an insight into the city’s vibrant academic community.

Saturday was a busy and exciting day. Catching the bus at the last minute was an adrenaline-filled start to our journey back to Berlin. Looking back on our time in Wrocław, it’s clear that the city had a huge impact on us. From the charming streets to the warm people to the rich experiences in tech companies and educational institutions, Wrocław felt like a place of learning and discovery. When we traveled back to Berlin, we not only had our luggage with us, but also a treasure trove of memories, knowledge and experiences that we will keep for a long time.

Exploring Tech and Culture

On Monday, we spent the whole day exploring Krakow. It was amazing to see the city’s old buildings and feel its lively vibe. We learned a lot just by walking around and looking at everything

Tuesday was back to learning English in the morning, which was good practice for the rest of the day. We then visited NeveraTech, where a junior web developer talked to us about working in tech, which was really cool and made me think about doing something similar. In the afternoon, we relaxed and walked around the Botanical Garden of the University of Wrocław. It was peaceful and pretty with all the different plants.

On Wednesday, we had a meeting at the European Union Information Center, which was interesting because we learned about how the EU affects our lives. After that, we checked out Wrocław’s city center, which was full of history and busy streets. The day ended with a visit to the software company QulIX, where we saw firsthand how they develop software and got a peek at the tech world. We Visited a Cat Cafe too!

Exploring Innovation and Connections in Wrocław

On Wednesday, our adventure took an educational turn as we visited a Polish IT school. It was intriguing to see that they’re gearing up for the CCNA exam. This visit underscored the school’s commitment to providing a solid foundation in technology for its students. Later in the day, our English lesson with Giorgi moved outdoors. Learning in the fresh air was refreshing and added a new dimension to our educational experience.

Thursday was a day filled with wonder as we explored the Wrocław Zoo. This excursion allowed us to take a delightful pause from our learning routine, immersing ourselves in the natural world. After that we continued with English lessons.

Friday presented an inspiring conclusion to our week. We had the opportunity to meet the CEO of the John Weston Group, a company that collaborates with industry giants like Google and Pepsi. He gave us invaluable insights into the dynamics of a creative software company, showing us the ropes of innovation and collaboration in the tech field. His passion and knowledge were infectious, offering us a glimpse into a possible future path. The day wrapped up with an bar-hopping tour, letting us unwind and bond over the experiences we shared throughout the week. This tour was not just about relaxation but also about celebrating our journey and the connections we made along the way.

Our Last Few Days In Wroclaw

Hi everyone! I’m back in Berlin now, and I want to share what happened in our final days of the trip.

On Thursday we had English class again in the morning. We played more language learning games and gave a presentation on how we’d plan a different language learning trip. We also took a test at the end of the lesson. Later, we went to a Georgian restaurant. The food was really good.

On Friday we visited another company, Nokia, where they showed us their technology. It was interesting to see. Back at Basecamp, we said goodbye to George and Anna, our teacher and coordinator. We gave them flowers to thank them for a great two weeks. It was sad to say goodbye, but we were glad that they were surprised and happy with flowers we gifted them. We then checked out some universities and spent our last evening walking around the old city and drinking a few beers at bars with my colleagues.

On Saturday it was time to pack up and head to the bus station. Leaving the city was bittersweet because of all the good times we had. The bus ride to Berlin went by fast, and before we knew it, we were back home.

These two weeks were amazing. I had a great time with my colleagues. I’m really glad I got to experience Wroclaw. Thanks for following along!

See you on the next adventure!

Bye Bye Breslau :(

The past few days here in Wroclaw have been nothing short of incredible! It feels like we just unpacked our bags, and yet time has flown by so quickly.

We’ve had the pleasure of visiting many fascinating companies and gaining insights into their operations. From informative presentations to inspiring conversations with employees, we’ve learned a great deal and gained valuable perspectives.

After we handed over our small goodbye-gifts to Anna and Giorgi, we bid Friday farewell with a final round of bar hopping. It was a night filled with laughter, memories, and unforgettable moments with my amusing colleagues.

On Saturday, it was time to say goodbye to this wonderful city. I’ll truly miss Wroclaw and can hardly believe how fast the two weeks have passed. It’s been an incredible journey that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

Wroclaw has now earned a special place in my heart and definitely ranks among my favorite cities! Farewell, Wroclaw <3

Visiting Krakow

We went to Krakow by bus, which was about a 3-hour trip. It was Easter Monday, so it was really busy and most shops were closed. Krakow looked beautiful, and we got to eat some tasty Krakow sausage.

Back in Wroclaw, we learned about the EU at an information point. They gave us a presentation on what they do in Poland. Afterwards some of us climbed up many stairs to a big church tower to see the city from above. It was a great view!

On Wednesday we visited a company called Qulix, where we saw how software is made. It was cool to see. At the end of the day we did a little bit of shopping too.

Soon I will tell you about the rest of our trip!

Keeping up with the Afib People

The past few days in Wroclaw has been packed with adventures and new experiences, and I’m excited to share them with you!

We started Monday bright and early at 8 a.m., setting off to explore Krakow. Despite it being a public holiday, Krakow was bustling with life. However, some activities were limited due to the holiday.

On Tuesday, we returned to our English course, where we learned how to create a CV and how to use prepositions like „at,“ „to,“ „in,“ and „into.“ Later, we heard from a young web developer at NeveraTech, who shared insights into her job. She talked about the benefits of remote work and the importance of networking for finding jobs. In the afternoon, we took a relaxed stroll through the botanical garden. Although there weren’t many flowers, the ones we did see made us feel like we were in a fairy tale!

Today, we visited two companies. First, we went to the Information Point of the EU, where we got insights into their activities. Although it wasn’t directly related to IT, it was still compelling to learn about their role in the EU. Then, we visited QULIX, where a friendly representative walked us through their project processes. They mainly work with banks, which was really interesting to learn about. During our conversation, she mentioned that some colleagues work remotely, but personally, she finds it a bit sad because it means less human interaction. It was interesting to see that there are different opinions on remote work. We also climbed a church tower. It was A LOT of steps, but the view from the top was worth it! Hopefully we won’t get any sore muscles tomorrow…

We have a few more days ahead until the trip concludes! Stay tuned for further updates from our journey!

Three Days in Wrocław

On Sunday, we embarked on our journey to Wroclaw, boarding a Flixbus that would take us to our destination. Upon arrival, we were pleasantly surprised to find that we each had our own rooms, allowing us a personal space to unwind.

The following day, Monday, marked the beginning of our more structured experiences. We received tickets for public transportation. It was also a day of introductions; we had the opportunity to meet the other students who would be with us. Among the new faces was George, our English teacher.

Tuesday was filled with engaging activities. The morning started with English lessons, where George’s teaching skills shone, making learning both fun and informative. The afternoon was dedicated to a gnome hunting game, an entertaining way to discover hidden gems around the city. As evening fell, we gathered around the biggest TV we could find and engaged in competitive rounds of Mario Kart, a perfect way to bond and unwind after a day of learning and exploration.

A Vibrant Weekend in Wroclaw

This Saturday, our sightseeing journey took us through the city’s heart, where history and modernity blend seamlessly. The warm weather led us to the serene banks of the Oder River, a perfect spot for contemplation and enjoying the moment.

In the afternoon, we retreated to the comfort of our hotel’s public activity rooms for some spirited mini-golf and table tennis. It was a great way to relax and bond with friends.

As evening fell, the Oder River, illuminated by the city lights, offered a stunning view, reflecting Wroclaw’s beauty back at us. We rounded off the night with a stroll through the old city and a taste of local cuisine, soaking in the atmosphere of this vibrant place.

On Sunday, we had a great day in Wroclaw. The weather was perfect for a boat tour, so that’s what we did. It was really nice to see the city from the water. After the boat ride, we walked around, exploring new parts of the city we hadn’t seen before.

When it got dark, we started getting ready for our day trip to Krakow the next day. We checked our plans and made sure we had everything we needed. It’s exciting to think about visiting another city in Poland!

This weekend in Wroclaw was full of fun, and now we’re looking forward to what Krakow has to offer!