Exploring Innovation and Connections in Wrocław

On Wednesday, our adventure took an educational turn as we visited a Polish IT school. It was intriguing to see that they’re gearing up for the CCNA exam. This visit underscored the school’s commitment to providing a solid foundation in technology for its students. Later in the day, our English lesson with Giorgi moved outdoors. Learning in the fresh air was refreshing and added a new dimension to our educational experience.

Thursday was a day filled with wonder as we explored the Wrocław Zoo. This excursion allowed us to take a delightful pause from our learning routine, immersing ourselves in the natural world. After that we continued with English lessons.

Friday presented an inspiring conclusion to our week. We had the opportunity to meet the CEO of the John Weston Group, a company that collaborates with industry giants like Google and Pepsi. He gave us invaluable insights into the dynamics of a creative software company, showing us the ropes of innovation and collaboration in the tech field. His passion and knowledge were infectious, offering us a glimpse into a possible future path. The day wrapped up with an bar-hopping tour, letting us unwind and bond over the experiences we shared throughout the week. This tour was not just about relaxation but also about celebrating our journey and the connections we made along the way.

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