Final Days in Wrocław

On Thursday we had an interesting meeting with a representative from Oakfusion. They gave us insights into the IT world, talked about different employment opportunities and what it’s like to work in tech. It was incredibly informative and got many of us thinking seriously about our future career paths in tech. This day was also a little emotional as it was our last English lesson. Over the course of these lessons, we not only improved our language skills, but also made close friends. It was hard to say goodbye to this part of our trip.

Friday was a day full of emotions and preparations for our departure. In the morning we picked up flowers, which we carefully selected as a token of our gratitude to the SEMPER AVANTI team. This team had been with us every step of the way and made our trip unforgettable and smooth. It was hard to say goodbye… Later that day, we visited the University of Science and Technology in Wrocław. It gave us an insight into the city’s vibrant academic community.

Saturday was a busy and exciting day. Catching the bus at the last minute was an adrenaline-filled start to our journey back to Berlin. Looking back on our time in Wrocław, it’s clear that the city had a huge impact on us. From the charming streets to the warm people to the rich experiences in tech companies and educational institutions, Wrocław felt like a place of learning and discovery. When we traveled back to Berlin, we not only had our luggage with us, but also a treasure trove of memories, knowledge and experiences that we will keep for a long time.

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