Exploring Tech and Culture

On Monday, we spent the whole day exploring Krakow. It was amazing to see the city’s old buildings and feel its lively vibe. We learned a lot just by walking around and looking at everything

Tuesday was back to learning English in the morning, which was good practice for the rest of the day. We then visited NeveraTech, where a junior web developer talked to us about working in tech, which was really cool and made me think about doing something similar. In the afternoon, we relaxed and walked around the Botanical Garden of the University of Wrocław. It was peaceful and pretty with all the different plants.

On Wednesday, we had a meeting at the European Union Information Center, which was interesting because we learned about how the EU affects our lives. After that, we checked out Wrocław’s city center, which was full of history and busy streets. The day ended with a visit to the software company QulIX, where we saw firsthand how they develop software and got a peek at the tech world. We Visited a Cat Cafe too!

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