Wednesday 06.05.2015

At first we should install various software on the PC’s of our test environment. We installed web browsers like firefox and chrome in addition to the Internet Explorer. Furthermore we configured the web browser individuel. We had to classify various web pages as trusted pages that the employees can visit these pages.

In the evening we were at Tesco (supermarket) to make our daily purchases…

The Roadtrip

Monday 04.05.2015

On Monday we had one bank holiday in Ireland, so we have considered to make an other short Roadtrip. We drove off at midday and visited the national park in Wicklow.

We were back in Dublin in the evening, we went to eat Fish & Chips together and prepared us for our work on Tuesday…


The Roadtrip

Sunday 03.05.2015

On Sunday we went further to limerick and visited the King John’s Castle there. From the castle pileworks we had a very nice look about the town.

In the afternoon we further went to Bundoran. Bundoran is a known surfing place on the west coast. Unfortunately the weather was not so good so we could not go swimming.

In the evening we went back to our Apartements in Dublin.

IMG_5575 IMG_5576

The Roadtrip

Saturday 02.05.2015

On this weekend we made a Roadtrip through Ireland.

First of all we went through Killbagon to Tullamore by car. We visited the Tullamore Dew brewery there. We got a guidance by the brewery with a tasting. Of course I drunk nothing, because I had to drive the car.

Afterwards we further went to the famous Cliffs of Moher. The way through the mountain roads was very impressive. For a short time even cow’s met us in the oncoming traffic.
The Cliffs of Moher were indescribable.

In the evening we searched for a Apartement in Ennis to be able to continue our Roadtrip the next day…

IMG_5572 IMG_5574

Sunday 26.04.2015

On Sunday the weather was not so good for the first time but in Dublin are so many places which i don’t visit before.

For that reason I visited the harbour of Dublin this day.
It’s also an interessting and impressive place of Dublin.

The rest of the day I spent time with my colleagues.


Saturday 25.04.2015

On Saturday-morning I was shopping in the O‘ Connell Street.

Afterwards I eat a kebab there. The kebab in Dublin tastes very well but still different to Berlin.

Furthermore I was in the district of Temple Bar. I was in a Pub which has the same name like the district, the Temple Bar.

After it I was in diffrent shops near Temple Bar.

In the afternoon I visited other places of Dublin, for example the 3arena etc..


Friday 24.04.2015

First of all we had a conversation with our boss. We had to hold the conversation with him, because we thought that an dropbox is not the right solution for the company. So we had informed us about other Cloud-solutions.

Furthermore we connected the Server to an KVM-Switch and tried to get access to the servers.

In the evening we visited places at Dublin in the darkness. The pictures are better than words…


Tuesday 21.04.2015

On this day we installed local software on the computers of the existing test environment.

Afterwards we thought about to backup the existing data from the server which should be copied in the dropbox later.
First we needed access to the server. We checked the size of the data on the server and discussed which data are still used in the future. This took the rest of the day.

Enclosed a few more impressions from the location of my work…


Saturday 18.04.2015

On Saturday I met a friend in the City Centre who is also in Ireland at the moment.

First of all I have shown him the City Centre.
We visit various shops and in the evening we watched the film „Furious 7“ in the cinema.

Afterwards we were in Temple bar and visited different pubs.


Friday 17.04.2015

Our job of the last days was it to find a solution of the Cloud.

In the afternoon my colleague of the vocational school and I joined a gym near our work.

We have the possibility to use fitness devices, a swimming-pool and a sauna as well.

All in one, a good alternative after work.