On Thursday it was Dominik´s birthday. His parents were in Dublin this week and we went to temple bar. Temple bar is beautiful old part of Dublin where you can find a lot of restaurant´s and Pubs. We ate in a small restaurant and have a nice evening.

At the second day of our trip we went to limerick and visit King John´s castle. From the tower you have a nice view over the city. This day in limerick was a run so the town was full and at the castle a fireworks was prepared.  The last step on Sunday we went to Bundoran. It´s a little village in North West of Ireland and it is famous for surfing. The weather this day was not so good so we were not swim. In the evening we went back to our Apartment’s in Dublin. To see more pictures have a look on the post´s of Vernon called The Roadtrip



From 2nd to 4th of May we do a trip through Ireland. At first we visit the tullamore dew brewery. I´m no friend of whiskey but it was interesting to see how it was made and to taste three varieties of tullamore dew. I prefer the original tullamore dew. This whiskey tastes mild. The other two tasted very strong and smoky. It was nice to try it out but I have recognized again whiskey is not my favorite drink. After the tour through the brewery drove to the cliffs of moher. The route was very spectacular. We had meet a herd of cows on the road and drove on routes where 100km/h are the speed limit but if you drive 100 km/h you will die… We had a good driver so we don´t died, fortunately. The cliffs were really beautiful. Have a look on my pictures. In the evening we searched for a Apartment in Ennis to be able to continue our Roadtrip the next day…
IMAG0609 IMAG0614