The time at Ireland was very interesting and funny. I have made a lot of experience. You can consolidate your English, learn a lot about the work in another country and you can see a lot about this country in relation of the culture and the countryside. I would recommend to make this experience. It is good for you and your future.And you have a lot of fun…

The Last Day In Dublin

Sunday 31.05.2015

My both occupants have already flown one day earlier to Berlin, so I spent the last day in the Apartement alone. Arround 11 o’clock the other people from my school and I left our Apartements and returned the keys.Afterwards we went to the City Centre for one last time to buy some memorys.

Arround 15 o’clock we went back to the LadLane Apartements and were picked up from our driver. He brought us to the airport.

Arround 18 o’clock the plane started.

We landed arround 22.30 in Berlin and it was very warm and dry. It was a big difference to the changing weather in Dublin.

All together our stay abroad was very nice. It was very helpful to practice esspecially my language skills. But im glad to be back in Berlin and to follow my usual life…


Friday 29.05.2015

On Friday we had the last meet with our agency in the Guiness Enterprise centre. We received the last information about our stay and said goodbye to each other.

By the evening one of my occupants and I went to eat something. Afterwards I was in the city Centre…

Tuesday 26.05.2015

Our stay abroad comes to an end now. For that reason we start to write documentations of all our activities and put them on the server. We wrote documentations with the passwords, network plans, how to build in the phones and other things. Furthermore we cleaned and removed all things of our workplaces…

Wednesday 20.05.2015

On Wednesday we began to rework documentations, cause it should be possible that other people can finish the work after our stay abroad.

In the afternoon we had a meeting in the Guiness Enterprise Centre to receive the documents for our europass.

The weather was very good this week, so we went again to the Stephen’s Green Park in the evening. Afterwards we went into a pub.

Monday 18.05.2015

The next two weeks our boss cannot be in the company. For that reason we got some things to do which should be done in the next time. We started to integrate an other PC into the phone system and to install local software on the same machine. Furthermore we changed some PC-names and reseted passwords of various user accounts.

Because of the nice weather we went to the Stephen’s Green Park in the evening. It is placed near our Apartements…

My last day at work I spend at facebook like every Friday. We don’t get in trouble this day. We begin the day with a great breakfast at facebook and finished the breakfast with a little game pool. There was a new France student with us at facebook so we had shown him a few things. After playing pool we teach the other two students how to securely erase an ssd and a conventional hdd. The other guys are not so good in IT stuff so we had to explain a lot. We finished this task before we have lunch. After lunch we had a little final meeting with Margarete from internsplus. In the afternoon I had to pack my bag because my flight back to Germany goes on Saturday at 7.00 am and we leave the apartment at 4.00 am.

Last week

This is the last week of our work experience in Ireland and I’m really happy about that. Two month are a long time and I enjoy it a lot but I’m happy to go back to Germany next Saturday. We begin this week with finishing all started work and projects. We already prepare 25 computer for sale, put 2 GB of tested memory inside, check the mainboard and clean the case before we put an empty hard drive in it. At the same time we finished a few little other task at the unit in the north of Dublin. I have write a manual for the process of building an updated installation of windows 7, too. There is a lot of work to finish with the tasks we are starting at the time but we have done all in time.

On weekend we cleaning our apartment the first time. We ask some times for a vacuum cleaner but you never see one and at a meeting with Margarete, our contact person in Ireland we had a talk to the other guys from the other OSZIMT class and hear that they have a vacuum cleaner since the beginning of our time here. That’s the reason that we never see a vacuum cleaner. Now after 6 weeks we can vacuuming our apartment. See the results… Foto 14.05.15 14 43 00

Now we have pass 6 weeks of our Ireland trip and we can see the end. Only 2 weeks are in front of us. At the beginning of this week we do the same like the last week. We install a lot of machines with linux and windows and inventory all in our system. The time at facebook was not the most fascinating time but it was no hard work and after work is done we played a few games pool. I think it is good to be here for two months to increase your English skill and learn a little bit about the life in other countries but I am happy to fly back to my family and friends next week.