long weekend..

.. and it rains the damn whole time.. just bad luck with this weather so there was no chance to do something useful outside.

in the evening we went in a pub and played some billiard drink some beer against the bad weather 😉 but it didnt helped much

anyway it was a nice weekend.. we all played some games, relaxed and did some plans for next weekend to finally do something out there regardless of the weather.. lets see what will happen..

half done

hey all and greetings from Belfast,

half of the week is gone and we are looking forward to a nice long weekend (monday is holiday) yiha.

work is fine.. it has now become a mix out of trying to program with html,css,php,javascript,jquery setting up laptops with new win7 and co and to set up an winpe version on an usb stick to capture an image to duplicate all that stuff. but yeah.. i’m on it..

weather is rainy these days.. =/