The last week of working is quiet calm. I have to check some more laptops to be ready for presentations and do all the rest of paperwork for InternEurope and the Europass. I’ve also done quiet well with my form to programm but i have to admit that it is and will not be finished. Finished in a sense of implementing it in the productive systems of the University, and there are still some little things missing.. it got a bit difficult in the end to get a solution to make the form sending confirmation emails out to all the department bosses if someone needs access to their storage and hold this form-request in queue until all is confirmed.. but they will get a new spanish guy for a work placement in september who knows about programming and stuff like that. i will save my progress and maybe he can use it.

On friday my supervisor organized to go to a chinese all-you-can-eat restaurant at launch break with all our colleagues to say good bye.. after it i’m done and the last weekend will start.

this week i got some PC’s to reinstall. Installing Windows 10 Enterprsie technical preview, some apps and look if its all working fine. It does 😉

Windows 10 is a balance between lovely Win7 and nasty Win8 but i have to say i still dont like it.. i dont know why i should need all those tile design and app system. I’m sure there are some people who will profit from a few new features implemented or just like the new design but for me there is all fine with Win7 and i have no need to get a new interface and layout. Its just confusing and there should be a version for standard desktop or laptop pc’s without touchscreen with the old design.. but i guess it’s called Windows 7 😀

last week: working

The last week was work as always. Just eat sleep work repeat, at least until friday..

Had to register some MS Office installations, do some updates and work further on the form programming. And we finally managed to book our daytour to giants causeway etc for saturday with a discount of 50%.. yay.. 12,50pounds was a nice price and the tour was very very good.. more about it later

half done

hey all and greetings from Belfast,

half of the week is gone and we are looking forward to a nice long weekend (monday is holiday) yiha.

work is fine.. it has now become a mix out of trying to program with html,css,php,javascript,jquery setting up laptops with new win7 and co and to set up an winpe version on an usb stick to capture an image to duplicate all that stuff. but yeah.. i’m on it..

weather is rainy these days.. =/

work is work 2…

Wedsday to Friday i got a new task. I finished my laptops and now have to set up an online form for staff member to register their emails. =/ HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascrip, JQuery is what i’m speaking now 🙂 I’m no programer and just have some basics in all off it, but i will try to do my best and after the first two days i could get some scripts working, that was very nice and i really start to like it.

Lets see if i can learn something more next week 😉

Friday, the weekend starts.. lets do something? yes.. we went out into a big bar with serveral floors. On one of them we played billiard and grant us some beer. it was a relaxed evening.

still there!

Hey Guys, greetings from Belfast,

sry for the delay of my posts. Ireland, especially Belfast, is so awesome that i forgot to tell you my epic stuff 🙂 but you can looking forward to this week.. i will post every day so you can follow nearly live what happens here 😉


Beside talking english, work looks quite the same here.. im in an office with 5 others.. had to reinstall win7 on a few laptops and update it, and update it, and update it, get some drivers working, install software etc.