long weekend..

.. and it rains the damn whole time.. just bad luck with this weather so there was no chance to do something useful outside.

in the evening we went in a pub and played some billiard drink some beer against the bad weather 😉 but it didnt helped much

anyway it was a nice weekend.. we all played some games, relaxed and did some plans for next weekend to finally do something out there regardless of the weather.. lets see what will happen..

Greetings from Belfast

Hello everyone and greetings to all,

its allready day 5 of our trip to Ireland and i finally got some internet to work.

We arrived on Tuesday. The flight was a bit delayed but that was bearable. Start and Landing was awesome, i just love it to fly especially when i get my window seat 😉


We landed, got our bags and went to the bus station, got our tickets, waited, bus came, we got in and GO!

The Bustrip was relaxed. We had much more leg room and a big window!

most of us were sleeping but i tried not to, because the landscape was beautiful. Alot of green hills with alot more sheeps and cows 😀


Arrived in Belfast, Hannah our agent from Intern Europe welcomed us and got us some cabs, we drove to our accommodation and.. yes.. got some new interessting impressions how to life for the next 2 months.


To be honest.. the accommodation is good and there are just tiny things you could complain about..

Heating, fridge and warm water is working, we have a shower and a toilet and sinks in every room… All you need! BUT we have NO INTERNET….. come on thats not funny! seriously…

We bought some Sim-Cards with data volume to fix this and maybe next week we get „real internet“ means some wlan-dongles… we will see.

That’s all for the first day. Bye