On weekend we cleaning our apartment the first time. We ask some times for a vacuum cleaner but you never see one and at a meeting with Margarete, our contact person in Ireland we had a talk to the other guys from the other OSZIMT class and hear that they have a vacuum cleaner since the beginning of our time here. That’s the reason that we never see a vacuum cleaner. Now after 6 weeks we can vacuuming our apartment. See the results… Foto 14.05.15 14 43 00

On Thursday it was Dominik´s birthday. His parents were in Dublin this week and we went to temple bar. Temple bar is beautiful old part of Dublin where you can find a lot of restaurant´s and Pubs. We ate in a small restaurant and have a nice evening.

Now we have pass 6 weeks of our Ireland trip and we can see the end. Only 2 weeks are in front of us. At the beginning of this week we do the same like the last week. We install a lot of machines with linux and windows and inventory all in our system. The time at facebook was not the most fascinating time but it was no hard work and after work is done we played a few games pool. I think it is good to be here for two months to increase your English skill and learn a little bit about the life in other countries but I am happy to fly back to my family and friends next week.

The last week of working is quiet calm. I have to check some more laptops to be ready for presentations and do all the rest of paperwork for InternEurope and the Europass. I’ve also done quiet well with my form to programm but i have to admit that it is and will not be finished. Finished in a sense of implementing it in the productive systems of the University, and there are still some little things missing.. it got a bit difficult in the end to get a solution to make the form sending confirmation emails out to all the department bosses if someone needs access to their storage and hold this form-request in queue until all is confirmed.. but they will get a new spanish guy for a work placement in september who knows about programming and stuff like that. i will save my progress and maybe he can use it.

On friday my supervisor organized to go to a chinese all-you-can-eat restaurant at launch break with all our colleagues to say good bye.. after it i’m done and the last weekend will start.

We got a long weekend with a holyday on monday, so good conditions for some more multicultural interaction 😉 we were invited to some spanish guys to tase some beer and good bushmills whiskey. It was a long night but it was very helpful considering to improve our english and social skills alot 🙂

The next two days we rested and chilled out in our accommodation. The weather wasnt good anyway. And to be honest, the last week is coming and we all start to looking forward flying back to Germany!


On last friday we had a quick meeting at the internEurope agency to fill out some paperwork and also a survey about our stay here in Belfast and all around that. The results were quiet good exept the topics about accomodation and especially the internet. Sry but we had to give some devastating grades to it! We heard from our portuguese mate that he has to move to another house next week because the contract about this accommodation is running out. So well they just got this piece of living space just for us. I can just hope they will learn for the future that they check the availability of internet before they spend there money.. or maybe they just couldnt find anything better at this time -.-

On Thursday we notice a mistake. Someone has put same laptop into false crates. Now we have e.g. damage laptop´s between ready loaded laptop´s and the crate is marked as done. But this week it doesn´t matter. We finished all windows 7 install and continue with machines without an available windows 7 serial key on it. Some of this machines are windows vista and same are maybe windows 7 but there is no serial number or we can´t identify it. It doesn´t matter why we can´t install windows 7 but we have to make the notebook´s useful so we install Linux on it. We choose two different distributions of Linux. On the one hand we used Zorin OS Educational. A nice looking operating system based on Ubuntu. It include a lot of program´s and it is specializes for schools. On the other hand we used Lubuntu. Lubuntu is a fast and lightweight operating system based on Ubuntu, too. It is made for not so powerful computer so it is not wrong. That is all for this working week so see you in our penultimate week…

This week we only spend time in facebook to install nearly 200 computer. It´s no exciting job but facebook is a nice place to work. You have drink food and candy for free and if you are waiting for an installation of windows or in the break you can play pool. We were 7 guys in facebook to reload the windows but nevertheless it take 3 days to install the machine’s.




this week i got some PC’s to reinstall. Installing Windows 10 Enterprsie technical preview, some apps and look if its all working fine. It does 😉

Windows 10 is a balance between lovely Win7 and nasty Win8 but i have to say i still dont like it.. i dont know why i should need all those tile design and app system. I’m sure there are some people who will profit from a few new features implemented or just like the new design but for me there is all fine with Win7 and i have no need to get a new interface and layout. Its just confusing and there should be a version for standard desktop or laptop pc’s without touchscreen with the old design.. but i guess it’s called Windows 7 😀

multicultural weekend

Last weekend we did a little multicultural evening with some spanish, portuguese and french people we met through our 8th portuguese housemate and tryed some spirituous mixed drinks together 😉 it was quiet interessting to speak english for hours in my free time. Sure i had to speak many times before but that was mostly some short smalltalk. But i have to say i managed it quiet well and i experienced that „2beer“ astonishingly makes it easier to speak a foreign language 😀 seems its easier when you not always think about every word and just talk 😉

exhausting friday and it took two days of resting this time 😀