Friday 08.05.2014

On Friday we safed local user profiles of employees. This was necessary because on PC’s still runs the operating system Windows XP. These should be exchanged for new PC’s with the operating system Windows 7 and the old local user profile should be transferred on the new machine.

In the evening I was at the gym with my colleague. Afterwards we made some purchases and prepared our dinner.

In the late evening we went in the direction of Temple Bar…


Wednesday 06.05.2015

At first we should install various software on the PC’s of our test environment. We installed web browsers like firefox and chrome in addition to the Internet Explorer. Furthermore we configured the web browser individuel. We had to classify various web pages as trusted pages that the employees can visit these pages.

In the evening we were at Tesco (supermarket) to make our daily purchases…

At the second day of our trip we went to limerick and visit King John´s castle. From the tower you have a nice view over the city. This day in limerick was a run so the town was full and at the castle a fireworks was prepared.  The last step on Sunday we went to Bundoran. It´s a little village in North West of Ireland and it is famous for surfing. The weather this day was not so good so we were not swim. In the evening we went back to our Apartment’s in Dublin. To see more pictures have a look on the post´s of Vernon called The Roadtrip



From 2nd to 4th of May we do a trip through Ireland. At first we visit the tullamore dew brewery. I´m no friend of whiskey but it was interesting to see how it was made and to taste three varieties of tullamore dew. I prefer the original tullamore dew. This whiskey tastes mild. The other two tasted very strong and smoky. It was nice to try it out but I have recognized again whiskey is not my favorite drink. After the tour through the brewery drove to the cliffs of moher. The route was very spectacular. We had meet a herd of cows on the road and drove on routes where 100km/h are the speed limit but if you drive 100 km/h you will die… We had a good driver so we don´t died, fortunately. The cliffs were really beautiful. Have a look on my pictures. In the evening we searched for a Apartment in Ennis to be able to continue our Roadtrip the next day…
IMAG0609 IMAG0614

last week: working

The last week was work as always. Just eat sleep work repeat, at least until friday..

Had to register some MS Office installations, do some updates and work further on the form programming. And we finally managed to book our daytour to giants causeway etc for saturday with a discount of 50%.. yay.. 12,50pounds was a nice price and the tour was very very good.. more about it later

The Roadtrip

Monday 04.05.2015

On Monday we had one bank holiday in Ireland, so we have considered to make an other short Roadtrip. We drove off at midday and visited the national park in Wicklow.

We were back in Dublin in the evening, we went to eat Fish & Chips together and prepared us for our work on Tuesday…


The Roadtrip

Sunday 03.05.2015

On Sunday we went further to limerick and visited the King John’s Castle there. From the castle pileworks we had a very nice look about the town.

In the afternoon we further went to Bundoran. Bundoran is a known surfing place on the west coast. Unfortunately the weather was not so good so we could not go swimming.

In the evening we went back to our Apartements in Dublin.

IMG_5575 IMG_5576

The Roadtrip

Saturday 02.05.2015

On this weekend we made a Roadtrip through Ireland.

First of all we went through Killbagon to Tullamore by car. We visited the Tullamore Dew brewery there. We got a guidance by the brewery with a tasting. Of course I drunk nothing, because I had to drive the car.

Afterwards we further went to the famous Cliffs of Moher. The way through the mountain roads was very impressive. For a short time even cow’s met us in the oncoming traffic.
The Cliffs of Moher were indescribable.

In the evening we searched for a Apartement in Ennis to be able to continue our Roadtrip the next day…

IMG_5572 IMG_5574

long weekend..

.. and it rains the damn whole time.. just bad luck with this weather so there was no chance to do something useful outside.

in the evening we went in a pub and played some billiard drink some beer against the bad weather 😉 but it didnt helped much

anyway it was a nice weekend.. we all played some games, relaxed and did some plans for next weekend to finally do something out there regardless of the weather.. lets see what will happen..

the last two day of working were calm. not much to do, so i was trying around with my sql database and php script for the form. we also had a teammeeting and some of my colleagues told about some workshops they were at the last days about teamwork and how to set up a nice working athmosphere. it was quiet interessting and i think i could get some improvments for myself, especially in the topic of motivation during the week.. you shouldnt wait and pray the whole week its getting weekend and stuff like that 🙂

and i have to be honest.. here in Belfast its much easier to wake up go to work and do what you are there for.. its not because of ireland or belfast.. its all about the time i need to get to work.. 7minutes!!! by walking.. compared to nearly 1,5h i need in Berlin to get to work thats so awesome that i cant even find the right words to express myself. you have so much more freetime every day that you are able to do something beside working and you dont have to torture through the Berlin trainmadness which feels like being in a animal transport.