Last day


Today is a special day. It is our last work day and doo-lally became 1 year old. In this case happy birthday doo-lally. I wish you all the best.

It was a great time and it was a pleasure to meet you and to work with you. I learned a lot of new things. I enjoyed teh time with you and we will stay in touch.


project epilouge

It’s time to sum up my work for one of the biggest companies and employers in Northern Ireland.
As you may have read in my previous posts, I worked on a rather big project as the sole programmer. This way I had the chance to re-evaluate my knowledge in software engineering and (again) learn what’s important in a project like that.

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Last Task


I had to create a new login site. Everything works as scheduled but the design of the page make some problems. Now it is fixed and I have done my last task successfully.

The rest of the day I tormented Karen with the „paperwar“ .


nothing but the rain?

So, Friday was pretty nice but what should I do on the weekend then?
Well, I thought that sticking to a motto of the company I work for, might be the answer to that.

So I decided to go for a short trip(click for a plot of the route) despite the truly disastrous weather forecast… „nothing but the rain?“ weiterlesen

The last Irish weekend is over – Nooooooooo

This is the beginning of the end of our world we build during the last seven weeks…

Here an article about the end of the world, which started two days ago. It says something about 200m people who simply disappear out of our minds. Well I don’t care because I forgot who I forgot.

Nevertheless our last weekend in Ireland is now over but it is not like we did nothing.

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On Wednesday it is always very hard to get out of bed, because of the Diceys-Garden evening, that lasts very long every Tuesday. You get a pint for only two euro, that is very cheap, also in Germany.

Anyway, many people from all over the world are there. Ireland, England, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Germany, USA, India, China (summarized), etc.

It’s amazing how many people are in the pub, already at 19 o’clock. I guess it’s up to 250 people every Tuesday. Must be experienced!

Monday, 23/05/11

It was a crazy and strange day, today. In Berlin, some radical left set a fire on a substation, the S-Bahn didn’t work, Vodafone was out of power and it’s Karl’s birthday. All that happened in Berlin.

But in Dublin the people went crazy too – due to Obama.

Thousands of people expected to attend an open air concert and address when US President Barack Obama arrives in Ireland. Rolling street closures were implemented for more than seven hours.

Every bridge was blocked. It was a spectacle. I recorded a video of the car parade of Obama.

After the event we went to some Gift Shops and bought gifts for our friends at home.

Finally we ate a big delicious burger in “burger gourmet kitchen”. Yummy !!! 😀