visiting from Germany

On Monday, the 13. April, my girlfriend visited me for 8 days. Of course I have to pick up my girlfriend from Airport. I mean it´s a foreign city in a foreign country. Her flight arrive round about 11.30 pm. It was not the best time I think but it was quite cheap. But now you see the problems and cost to reach the airport of Dublin and return to the city. There is only one special bus line to reach the airport. One trip costs round about 8, 50€. So the total costs amount to 25, 50€. Who cares? The flight was cheap.

On Tuesday after work we made a tour through the city and buy some foodstuffs. There are many impressions you can make in a foreign city in a foreign country. For example the driving on the other side, particularly by crossing the road. Even the buying of food and the cash up is very exciting the first time. You can scan your stuff alone without any personnel.

First weekend

On Friday afternoon we have check the nightlife of Dublin. Firstly we went to O’Reilly’s Bar and drink a Pint. Then we went to McDonalds and to the livingroom, a bar where you can play Pool or watch Sport in TV.We leave the livingroon quite fast. The music was very loud and it it hurt in the ears. After this shock we have to go back to the O’Reilly’s. After a few funny hours we go home.

The other time of this weekend we relax and do nothing. It was a good first weekend and so the time in ireland can continue…

the work begins

Thursday we had the first day in our Irish company. I am in a company calls Computer Factory. My boss Peter is very cool. He speaks German to. He make his money by Refurbishing. It means he repair or upgrade computer for resell. Firstly we take a tour through the company and then we set up our workplaces. I am there with two other guys from another OSZIMT class.


On Friday we go to Facebook in Dublin to securely erase hard drives. Facebook is a great employer I think. There you can meet a lot of interesting people, eat drink and candy is for free, but the best of all is the lounge at the top of the building. There is a pool table and a football table or you can sit on the terrace. It was nice.

Good by Germany



Tuesday we went to ireland. It was my first flight, and certainly some moments were exciting. At the start a plane developed a decent boost but the weight will also be brought into the air. When we arrived in Dublin we were picked up and taken to our apartments. The apartments is in a refined but also more expensive region. First of all we have to buy our food and scout the area.



On the second day in ireland we meet Margaret, our contact person in Ireland. There we learn something about our stay and work. After that we went to the Guinness factory. It was very interesting. 😉